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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is made up of so many myths that it can be quite hard to distinguish the facts from some of the baser exaggerations. By principle, there are three ways in how an individual can be involved in "bodybuilding": the first can be obtained through weightlifting; the second is by observing a set dietary plan that involves much consummation of protein products and other necessary dietary supplements, and the third is to practice an ideal activity of daily living (ADL) by sleeping for eight hours a day, for example. However, to say that you have to work hard when you are involved in bodybuilding is just not enough to sum up this otherwise curious activity. That is why you also need to study and find out more of it as much as you can, so you may be able to know if this activity is indeed for you. Thus, we now come to the main reason on why this write-up has been, err, written in the first place: we compare and contrast the pros and the cons of bodybuilding, both as a sport and as a habit.

Buff Body - Good or Bad?

First of all, just because having a buff body makes one look like a total jock is not a reason that he or she would have to act like one, as well: bodybuilding-for all intents and purposes-is a sport built on the discipline of self. Yes, seriously. After all, you just can't force anyone to lift anything that weighs 20 pounds over his or her head, right? But other than that, it basically trains you to observe a sense of responsibility for your well-being and for the others around you. Coming to the gym five days every afternoon? Volunteering to "spot" for someone whom you just met during a workout? See, it's all right there.

Advantages of Bodybuilding

What else are the "advantages" of bodybuilding? Oh yes, it's so obvious that we haven't even thought of it before: it keeps you healthy. Some people like to run like madmen; you like to work out in the gym. Both may be radically different in its approaches, but both activities are all aiming for the same thing: to keep you in top shape, no matter how small or big you may be in the process. Plus, it boosts your energy to such a level that no one can complain to you that you're acting like a slob.

Cons of Bodybuilding

Now, we get to the "darker" side of bodybuilding. Some of these can prove to be so obvious that you may even be aware of some of the possible dangers of it. For example, lifting heavy weights that are greater than what your body can handle can prove to be risky for your muscles and your overall health, but it's no big surprise there. However, some problems may pop up, like being dehydrated due to extreme sweating while you're still in the middle of a workout.

Of course, bodybuilding can always be beneficial for us. However, gong directly to weight lifting without being aware of any consequences may

prove to be more harmful than beneficial to some of us. Please consult your doctor before deciding to involve yourself in bodybuilding.

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