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Monday, December 19, 2011

What Is a Good Bodybuilding Workout

Almost every bodybuilder completes different workouts. While the body part splits change dramatically, the basis of bodybuilding workouts stays the same. Bodybuilders perform more multi-joint exercises than single joint. The goal is to build as much muscle--not necessarily strength--as possible before cutting for a show. Lastly, bodybuilders need to be determined, dedicated, disciplined and responsible.


Often, it is the types of exercises chosen, not the workout parameters (sets/repetitions/rest time), that matters. An athlete trying to gain overall size should focus his attention on multi-joint exercises. The best multi-joint exercises for muscle building include all the squat, dead lift, chest press, row, shoulder press and pull-up variations. Each exercise can be varied by the grip, where the load is placed, and equipment used.


Bodybuilding workouts entail two to four different exercises for each body part, depending on beginning fitness levels. Complete two to four sets of each exercise. The repetitions should stay between 8 and 12 with each set lasting 30 to 60 seconds. Leg exercises include the barbell back squat, leg press, lunges, leg curls/extensions and calf raises. Do the barbell bench press and dumbbell chest press (decline/flat/incline), cable chest presses and flys for the chest. For the back, perform pull-downs, pull-ups and row variations. Do the clean and press, military press, seated shoulder press and arm raises for the shoulders. For the biceps, complete cable curls, barbell curls, hammer curls and seated dumbbell curls. Do close-grip push-ups, kickbacks, skull crushers and dips for the triceps. Almost any routine will work for the abdominal muscles.


The body adapts to the demands placed upon it. It is important to change exercise variations once muscle growth slows or stops. The body will adapt to one workout program repeated over and over, which is good to a point because the adaptation of bodybuilding workouts is muscle growth. However, eventually, improvements will stagnate. Simply changing a barbell back squat to a barbell front squat will alter the demand just enough into adding muscle again.

Expert Insight

Most men wish to get larger arms. The worst thing that can be done is focus on arm training and neglect multi-joint exercises. The arms grow best with a combination of multi-joint and isolated arm exercises, with the multi-joint exercises performed first. Bodybuilding is more than bench pressing and curling.


Whether male or female, bodybuilding can increase self-esteem. Bodybuilding demands a drastic amount of dedication, hard work, discipline and responsibility. These positive traits carry over into other aspects of life. Employers want to hire dedicated, hard-working, disciplined and responsible employees. Some employers will also appreciate that bodybuilders are not going to be missing work due to obesity-related diseases.

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