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Monday, December 19, 2011

Lee Priest will compete in the 2012 WBFF World Championships

Every morning, I have a ritual. I wake up, begin laundry, have a cup of coffee with a light breakfast and jump on the computer. I check e-mails, columns, and blogs and hit the social networking sites. This istime-consumingbut I do it for a reason. Im searching for new news in the bodybuilding industry. Yes, I believe a story can come from any place.

Lee Priestwill compete in the 2012(WBFF)World Championships

So can you imagine my shock to learn that Lee Priest will compete in the 2012World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (WBFF)World Championshipsnext August? Is this a mistake? Some sort of hoopla just to get everyones attention?

I think not. As supporters and fans well know, there was a similar move made by FormerIFBBFigure Pro Monica Brantin July, 2010. This took the bodybuilding community by great surprise. Brant was the quintessential role model, fitness model and Pro Figure competitor for theIFBBfor many years.

Priest's confirmation

As of yet, PaulDillet, founder of theWBFF, has not confirmed my e-mail about Priest competing in his show. Even without Dilett's confirmation, theWBFFFacebook pageis inundatedwith posts by both theWBFFand Lee Priest.

The WBFF posted "It is officialLee Priestis now the newest WBFF pro." Even with this statement,I still did not believe Priest would compete at the Worlds next year until I asked Youre competing? Priest simply answered Yes I am :)

Finished with the IFBB

Priest, while anIFBBPro,was suspendedin 2006 by theIFBBfor competing in the Pro Division Inc. "Night of Champions. Priest'srequestfor an early reinstatementwas denied, and his reinstatementwas determined by thePro League at the 2008 Olympia. He has not competed in theIFBB since, even after reinstatement.

Look forward to the 2012 World Championships

Priest, who is 54, has always contended with the gargantuanbodybuildersand willpresent himself well on theWBFFstage. With all the excitement and accolades, there was also playful banter between Priest and other competitors.

In the end, whos really playing? This is still competitive bodybuilding and the 2012 World Championships will have a battle on stage.

Best of luck to Priest on his newendeavorwith theWBFF.

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