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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your Shopping List Tailored to Your Healthy Meal Plans

I basically keep my fridge stocked the same food, week in week out. There are some slight variations form time to time, but it stay's pretty much the same foods and down to the essentials. I make my healthy meal plans based on what is in my fridge.

Here's my list.

- Carrots

- Apples

- Bananas

- Some type of berry. What ever is available at a good price. Organics are always better for you too. No toxic pesticides.

- A crate of organic free range eggs. When you first get these, the color of the yolks will shock you. Look for yourself if you haven't yet.

- Plain Balkan yogurt

- Basil leaves.

- Garlic

- Fish. Usually salmon. The best kind of fish I've had so far. Yet to meet its match

- Chicken. Not processed obviously.

- Cereal. The healthy kind.

Basically when your buying anything, you wanna make sure that you look at the label too. Because some labels are very misleading, check the ingredients. Some products say organic, and aren't organic at all once you read the ingredients. Others will say healthy choice on the label. But you look at the ingredients, and you see that the box that says "healthy choice" is just as unhealthy as the box of the generic stuff right beside it.

I avoid anything that comes in a box. Cookies, pizza, etc. You get the idea. If you look at the labels, you'll see that all of these foods are WAY over packed with sugar and sodium.

Bottom line, choose healthy food to create your healthy meal plans from.


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