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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smart Ways to Fit in Your Workout During the Holidays

Should your workout suffer because you have to shop and host Holiday parties? Is it necessary to make New Years Resolutions and delay working out and eating right? I say absolutely NOT on both accounts! Why put off today for tomorrow when it's not promised to you or when it comes to your health. Yes...yes time may be an issue right now, but work with me here by using your creativity. Trust me; I'm 59 years young and at the top of my game! I went through some hard times but now I'm feeling fabulous, fit and stronger than I was 30 years ago.

One thing that has worked for me is not to let things get way out of control which only snowballs down hill. The Holidays are when that can happen in a big way because you're more distracted, extra busy, things are stressful and celebrations are mainly around food. Some ways you can avoid that happening is to:

Stay on track with your workouts

Use mindful eating -Think about what you're eating rather than getting caught up in the moment

Do some meditation exercises to keep the stress low.

Shopping is one of those time consuming activities that gives us little time for anything else. However, I want you to see how easy you can maintain your workout and burn some extra calories while you shop by trying some of these tricks:

Take the Stairs: If the mall has more than one level, go for the stairs rather than using the escalator.

Park a longer distance away from the store: Then briskly walk or jog to the front entrance of the shopping mall and/or circle the perimeter a couple of times before you go in.

Eat before you Shop: Never shop on an empty stomach. It will prevent you from succumbing to shopping mall food smells and to eating junk food which most people do while shopping in a hurry.

Waiting in the checkout line: Standing in lines can be a headache and very boring. Try some calf raises and standing on one leg. It will strengthen and tone legs, feet and ankles as well as improve your balance.

Make use of the weight you carry: As you walk down the isles or while waiting in line, perform a few arm curls with your shopping bags, purse or bottles from the shelf. It sculpts beautiful arms.

Utilizing your time optimally is the name of the game. Working smarter not harder can be contagious but fun. Need I say more! Creativity in the way you shop and all you do can make a big impact on your life span and can create new, conscious and healthy habits that can last a life time.

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