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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Can You Lift Weights and Do the Insanity Workout Simultaneously

The kind of people who are drawn to the Insanity Workout are those who enjoy extreme challenges. They don't want to take years to achieve results, but would rather effect immediate change within a month or two, such that they are willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight and gain muscle. While this kind of attitude will achieve phenomenal success, it can also lead trainees into trouble. That desire to do more, to do the most possible, to push the limits and see just how much they can achieve can cause them to take on more than their bodies are prepared for, ultimately courting injury, pain, and loss of momentum. One such example is when people wish to combine the Insanity Workout with regular sessions in the gym. These people will want to hit the weights hard and then do a bout of Insanity--is this a wise or advisable move? In today's article we take a closer look at what the benefits and perils of cross-over are, such that you should have a clear idea of whether such a course is for you.

First of all, let's take a look at what is required from Insanity. It is a 60 day workout that is based around Shaun T's system of interval training called Max Interval Training. What you do is train six days a week for about forty five minutes, of which ten of those minutes are a gruesome warm up and fifteen minutes are the actual heart of the workout. The rest is composed of stretching and cool down periods, so that in truth you are really pushing yourself for but twenty five minutes. The workouts are a mixture of plyometrics, calisthenics, sports drills, and general cardio.

Weight lifting at its most basic involves resistance training against ever increasing loads as you seek to stimulate your muscles to adapt and grow. People will do either a combination of compound exercises that target the whole body, or partition the body into different sections and then work on those. People traditionally need at least a day of recovery after each workout, such that you can do anything from three to four days in the gym each week.

Do these go together? They can, if you carefully tailor your gym workouts so that you are not targeting the parts of your body that are hit by the Insanity Workout. The truth is this: you can partner them together, but neither will be as well developed as if you did them alone.

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