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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Effective 45 Minute Fat Loss Workouts for Men

In order to have a very fast effective fat burning exercise regime for men, you should always be mixing Metabolic Resistance with some form of cardio interval training. The ideal workout sessions for men usually are not bodybuilding type exercises in which you isolate one muscle at a time, rather, the most effective weight loss workouts are where you train a number of groups of muscles at once.

In just a couple weeks, it is possible to shed a great amount of fat if you dedicate yourself to just three, 45-minute slots per week.

If you're wondering why so little time is required, it's mainly because everyone seems to be too busy to get 90-minute, six day-a-week weight loss exercise for men programs. It's not practical to expect someone to be capable of devote this much time to work out weekly. So, by mixing short burst interval exercises with metabolic resistance exercises which use a combination of hand weights along with bodyweight exercises, you'll burn a lot of body fat and see success with which you will be happy very quickly.

To best confirm this 3 day each week system is the most effective fat burning exercise routine, it's essential that you manage your metabolism. The key is to achieving this is to be certain that you're doing workouts for males that deal with giving you an increase in your relaxing metabolic rate. If adopted correctly, you can be burning extra fat 24/7.

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is training with various types of weights, as well as your body and small rest periods compared to traditional strength training. If you shorten the rest intervals, you may create a "metabolic disturbance" that results in an increase in your metabolism for nearly 2 days following the workout. The metabolic resistance training routines we talk about in this post and all through our blog, have a shorter workout for men because you will perform the workouts in circuits or mini-circuits (3-4 activities). If these exercises are finished consistently, you can start to build muscle fast and ultimately with increased muscle mass, you'll use more energy, therefore you melt away more pounds.

Following are just a handful of my personal favorite weight loss workouts for males. There are numerous more, however these will get you rolling.

1. Dumbbell Squat Jumps

Squat leaps are the most effective lower body power exercises for men and holding a couple of dumbbells just helps make it even better. Begin with an easy set of hand weights and steadily increase the pounds as you grow stronger. Do 2-3 groups of 6-8 reps during your workout for men.

a) Descend to a squat position by pressing your hips back, while maintaining your heels on the ground

b) When your thighs are parallel with the floor, push back up and jump as high as you can. Remember to stay in control and keep your balance.

c) Absorb the landing by descending into a squat position

2. Explosive Pushup

This upper body energy activity for males is an excellent progression from a regular pushup. Begin with doing them from your knees and then if you're able to build up to performing explosive pushups with a normal pushup position along with your feet on the floor. Try carrying out 2-3 sets of as many reps as possible in your workouts for men.

a) Start with a standard push-up, but explode way up so that your palms literally leave the ground.

b) Use your knees if you're just starting this particular workout.

3. Medicine Ball Squat to Throw

This power exercise for men is an effective one for complete body strength. To do this correctly correctly you must be capable of shifting force from the floor up through your legs, core, then out through your arms. Pick an appropriate medicine ball (4-5 kg is an excellent starting point) and you can either throw with a companion or up against a solid wall. You can even use this as a fitness test and measure how far you can toss the medicine ball. Do 2-3 groups of 8-15 reps during your workouts for men.

a) Start with the medicine ball at the chest level

b) Squat and explode up while throwing the medicine ball into a wall

c) Catch the medicine ball on the rebound and then come down in a managed manner back into the squat.

Completing these types exercises, along with high intensity interval training. Can be the most efficient fat loss training for males. The combination of these types of workouts with interval training will help you burn fat long after your workout has been finished. This is because, when exercise is accomplished regularly, you will increase your metabolism. The exercises don't have to be running, instead any kind of high intensity cardio workout (stationary bicycle, rowing machine, jump rope, and so on) with timed rest periods will work. You need to choose an exercise (or exercises) and choose your interval periods for work and relaxation.

The principle is usually to warm-up first to get your heart rate slightly elevated and then start your intervals with twice the rest after each interval. Eventually you would like to decrease the amount of rest between intervals to the point that you are resting for shorter times than the cardio workout. Begin with a 20 minute workout and you'll start to shed some fat.

Eventually improve your workouts to 30 and then 45 minutes.

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