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Monday, December 19, 2011

Bodybuilding Advice Testex or Viromone

A bodybuilder who used fairly low androgenic gear in the past due to not wanting too much water retention told me he was thinking of taking something a little higher and that his dealer had suggested Viromone or Testex. He asked me to explain what the different results might be, so I gave him the following answer.

As you will probably know, both are propionates, testosterones and both are good for fast muscle gains but it is really a matter of personal choice here. Even though the Leo Testex is 250mg as opposed to the Viromone at 100mg, both give different gains in reality. This depends on the person AND what other gears they may be on at the time.

>From a personal view, in the past, I have gained quite well using the Leo Testex, more on the size aspect, but with the Viromone, I find that my condition is much harder and tends to hold the size that much more. I have used Viromone mostly with lower androgenic gears such as Winstrol, Deca etc - with excellent results.

With the Leo, I have put this with testovirons, decas, dianabols etc - much more size of course but again aiming for totally different results. So as I say, it is a matter of personal preference and really one of experimentation.

Why not try it with both high and low androgens at different cycle times to see how you fair. Say Leo with dianabol as one and Viromone and Deca as another - small stacks but you will be surprised at the difference it can make. Also, you can swap one high with a low and vice versa - all safe but you will most probably see just how your body reacts to the differences.

A good point to note with propionates, especially Viromone, you need to be taking a shot every couple of days as it is the system for only a short time. A example with testoviron: Every 5 days, one shot of testoviron but propionate, one shot every third day to be really effective. With Winstrol, I would put the propionate in even every second day, with Winstrol jabs every third. All fast acting, in and out withing a few days. I like this system as I can see a difference quite quickly especially if your body fat levels are low. Give them a try, either way, but be assured that you will be quite safe even at these dosages.

I have given this sort of advice to literally hundreds of bodybuilders and all of my advice can be found on the Mick Hart blog which is linked below. I invite you to have a look for yourself and you will find loads of good free advice.

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