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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Turn Any Set of In Ear Headphones into Workout Headphones

You purchased a set of in ear headphones and you simply cannot manage to acquire the proper seal, or maybe theyre plain unpleasant. Youve been looking forward to purchasing those earphones for weeks only to be disappointed by an issue you simply cant bring you to ultimately utilize as a result of comfort or sound quality. Well, there might be a cure for your issue, and one that truly isnt really that costly. Enter the Comply Foam tips for your in ear headphones. Are these worthy of their $20 price (for the Tx series with the wax guards)? Read through to get my views on these accessories.

So, likelihood is, if you happen to be like me, you started searching for a solution to solve a problem with a set of in ear monitors you just bought. Perhaps they werent sealing quite right, they just werent sounding nice, or possibly they were rather uncomfortable. Personally, the decision that led me to purchasing a pair of the foam tips ended up being the fact that the Crossroad Hippo VBs I ordered sounded wonderful, however they created such a compression inside my ears that with any movement I sensed a popping within ear. The standard tips that shipped with my Hippos resulted in a suction so strong that the earphones ended up being far too uncomfortable to wear. The tips provided with the Hippos fit correctly, but in contrast to most tips that accompany IEMs, these didnt allow for any breathing room in the least for your ears.

And so in steps the Comply Foam Tips. 1st, so that youre aware, youre not paying $20 for one pair of tips. Youre in reality acquiring 3 pairs of tips. That may also seem a tad steep at around $7/pair, but after months of having these tips, I have to state they're worth the cost. Would I spring for the Tx Series with the wax guards again? Im undecided if Ill want to do that next time , but what I will tell you is at least using the wax guards I really do not have to worry about ear funk moving down in to the speakers on my IEMs. The fact is I continue to keep my ears fairly clean, however theres not much that you can do to prevent all wax out of your ears from sneaking down into your earphones. If your ears are that perfect, more power to you, but the majority ordinary people may well appreciate extra cover that the wax guard offers.

Exactly how nicely do these tips seal? Thats the best thing about the Comply Foam Tips. These things offer an unquestionably superb seal, devoid of the pain my Hippos suffered from while using oem tips provided. The seal is really so good, that I was capable to start using my earphones for workout routines whilst before theyd

constantly fall out roughly every five minutes. These things seal sufficiently to close out nearly all the loudest of noises. If you're in loud locations, these will be a great companion to any set of earphones. One of the top reasons these tips seal so perfectly is a result of the fact that you pack them down, place them inside your ears, where they enlarge to fit snuggly in your ear canal. I have under no circumstances felt any irritation when using the Comply Foam Tips and that is a primary aspect of why I enjoy these products a great deal.

How about the audio quality? Do the wax guards filter out any sound? Well, in a nutshell, I didnt detect any decrease in sound quality. As far as I can pinpoint, the wax guards had no ill impact on the audio from the Hippos. The bass was still equally as strong and sharp and the mids and highs didnt seem to lose anything. Every thing still sounded balanced and full, and that I ceased to have the issue due to the suction with the stock tips, I was ready to relax and relish the music.

Compatibility - Until you certainly find out which tips fit your own IEMs, I strongly recommend visiting the Comply Foam site as they have a product finder application that will advise you exactly what you'll need for your set of headphones, even if you do plan on acquiring through Amazon or another 3rd party supplier.

Recommendation - If youre possibly contemplating a set of these, go ahead and dive right in. You wont be unhappy. From the outstanding fit they supply, to the unmatched comfort, to the extra safeguard they give your IEMs, Id need to say they are worth every penny of the $20 asking price. I found for exercise that wearing the Hippos in the over-the-ear setup with your Comply Tips, they never once came loose and the quality of sound is really what I expected from one of my favorite sets of headphones. If you are interested in more information you can view our finish Comply Tip review.

This is a earphone accessory I will wholly endorse.

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