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Monday, December 19, 2011

Thinking About Trying A Bodybuilding Competition

What in the world were you thinking? Do you really want to spend twelve weeks starving yourself and going through every mental twist and turn of pre-contest prep?

The only reward being to get a pat on the back or a silly little trophy?

You think you can deal with being lighter than all the other gym rats for twelve weeks as you watch your training poundage?s drop to pencil neck proportions? Great! Me too!

Who knows why we do it? There is a ton of work involved and very little reward, financially. But here is the kicker, winning feels like a million bucks. To be the best is a great feeling, actually I think it's the driving force of man!

So what do you think? Are you ready? If so, get pumped! Once you fill out that registration form its all heart and soul from that moment on. If you think you?re digging deep now, just wait you'll be up on stage in your underwear for all to see. Everyone at your gym is going to ask how you did when its over. Saying first place is a lot more fun than explaining away a failure!

Competing the best way to take your physique up to the next level and to get in the best possible shape you've ever been in. This is really great if your contest is close to summer by the way! Beaches rock for bodybuilders! Once you compete, you're a competitive bodybuilder!

What an adventure into the unknown competition can be!

This is definitely a self-test into your true strengths and weaknesses. This experience will teach you more about your body and personality than most people will ever get to know. It is definitely difficult but also rewarding. This is one of those things in life where the harder and smarter you work the better your results.

Work hard and everyone will see it.

When you are done your contest, you will look at things different than most people.

You will definitely appreciate your little freedoms more! The little things in life hold more joy because we always desire what we cannot have and boy are there lots of things that you cant have while dieting for a show.

The other side of the coin is your training. You will get to see rapid changes in your body and the way it reacts to different techniques in training and diet.

This in itself is exciting for the true bodybuilders. People will come up and mention your change in appearance and pat you on the back, and it feels great! I also found that because you are so worn down that you do a lot of time thinking and being self reflective. That can never be a bad thing.

The worst part of dieting for me were the uncertainties that all my effort and deprivation was for nothing or if I was using the correct approach. There are so many theories out there that it's easy to lose your focus and end up hopping from one method to another. When you do this, the body never adjusts and you end up confused and nothing at all works for you. The whole situation doesn't seem so bad though once you know that every chunk of effort and self-sacrifice is going to make you better and better in the end.

Why? Because you will have given your all to something most people can't handle. Your first bodybuilding competition and that's something to be proud of no matter where you place.

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