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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Simple Lean Muscle Developing Workout

When I was just getting into bodybuilding, I remember my first time opening one of those bodybuilding magazines on the convenience store racks. I was in search for the perfect workout program. I was excited, as there was a chance, that I too, would be as muscular as one of those male fitness models in the magazine. Many people probably wanted to become just as fit as one of the models that they saw in another magazine, but it isn't a simple task at all.

Who doesn't start their fitness program with a bang? All you'll need are a few weeks of intense bicep curls, doing pushups, and chin-ups here and bench presses there, and you'll be sets, correct? Oddly, it doesn't seem to work like that. Those magazines will never show you the real effort and dedication that bodybuilders put into achieving these goals.

A proven and working program is what you'll want. The program that I used for both loss of body fat and gaining muscle is written as an outline below. However, be cautioned that despite its simplicity, its quite vigorous.

I exercised for five days in one week, and I emphasized only one workout per day.

First Day of Five: Pushups and pull-ups are what I do.

Second Day of Five: Core workouts or plyometrics are what I do.

Third Day of Five: I work on shoulders as well as arms.Fourth Day of Five: I focused on Kempo

Last Day of Five: I work on legs as well as back.

About an hour a day was the time I spend daily, on each workout and rest shortly between the sets. I did consider going to the gym, which I later disregarded, in fear for too much distraction. I don't have too much equipment, only a set of two 35-pound dumbbells, a pull-up bar and a yoga mat, and its true that I don't have much equipment, but its perfect for me. Most of the exercises use my bodys weight as resistance.

This program, as you can see, is very simple and direct, so you can get results just as I have. Your rate of succeeding doesn't depend on how much equipment you have, but the amount of determination that you put it.

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