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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Resistance Bands- The Flexible Workout Option

We are familiar with almost all the equipments that we see in a gym. But their disadvantages is that we cannot carry them when we are traveling and we always end up seeking out new gyms and paying extra at expensive hotels to use their gym facilities. All of this can be overcome if you use Resistance bands. Most are still not familiar with them as they are not yet used in most standard gyms but they are wonderful when you want to workout alone at home.

Resistance bands are used by holding the band with your feet and standing on them and then pulling them in the direction you want. Your movements can be those that you practice with a dumbbell or on your weight machines. Since they can be predominantly while standing, it also helps in maintaining balance and you can, with the help of your trainer, use it in so many ways since it is so flexible. And they are so affordable that even those who cannot hit the gym regularly can also buy them and practice at home.

The greatest benefit of Resistance band is that unlike any other gym equipment it exercises all the parts of the body rather than just exercising one part. Since you are pressing the band with the lower half of the body ad stretching the upper part, at any given time, all the muscles of the body are exercised. This is hence great for those who do not find adequate time to workout. And this also brings variation to your everyday workout regime.

One can even use resistance bands by following the manuals that come with it. And soon you will be the proud of a fit and healthy body.

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