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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reasons Why A Workout is Not Successful

If you are attending a gym, working out indoors or outdoors chances are that you have some goal in mind. If you are unsuccessful at reaching your goals, be it losing weight, building muscle or getting into shape, there are a couple of reasons why that is.

4 Reasons Why A Workout is Not Successful:

Your diet is the same - It is common for people to embark on a diet together with an exercise plan. However, instead of eating less, they eat the same (or even more) and the results shy away. There are a couple of nutrition factors to take into account. First, you need to eat less energy than your body required, however it is not as simple as that. The type of foods you consume should consist of less saturated fats and high in protein. It is also essential to consume plenty of fluids as the muscle is made of 75% water and in general fluids are required to cool down the body.

You are not enjoying it - a workout should be fun, an activity you look forward to rather than dread. If you are miserable during the workout, you tend to look at the clock and count the seconds back until it is over. Instead you should seek an activity that you enjoy. A useful suggestion is to find one that you can share with other family members or friends so the time goes by quickly, you can support and you can encourage one another. This is a sure why to ensure you keep up the work.

Doing only one activity - It is important to combine a number of physical and aerobic activities that work different muscles. The heart muscle is worked when people partake in aerobic exercise, while other muscles are worked when physical activity such as lifting is done. Doing only one may result in slow progress.

Set realistic targets - Thinking you will get in shape or lose weight within one week is normally unrealistic (depending on your target). To achieve your goals it is not necessarily needed to train every single day, 7 days a week, 28 days a month. Instead try and build a routine so even if you are busy, you will find the time. Start with one or two days a week and add a bit more with time not overnight. Set realistic targets and keep a record of your achievements week by week not day by day.

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