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Monday, December 19, 2011

Must Have Bodybuilding Equipment at Home

While most people prefer to go to the gym and mingle with other people to do their exercises, there are also those who prefer to train at home. Some advantages of training at home is that you save on travel time, avoid the crowd, listen to music that you like while training at your pace and follow no dress code.

Before shopping around, make a list of equipment that you need for your training and determine how much these will cost you. There are a lot of items on the internet for easier reference, but if you still prefer to go from store to store to see the equipment for yourself, then there are a lot of sports stores that specialize in this type of items.

In setting up a home gym, consider also your goals in your body building routine. Are you into weight training right now? The reason for this is to help you decide which set of equipment to get for your training. Most people end up getting bored with their set up which results to unused gym equipment at home. Also, this will help you make wiser decisions in making reasonable buys.

Here is some the list of bodybuilding equipment perfect for home training that you cannot do without.


Dumbbells and barbells fall into this category. May it be adjustable, it is very important in varying your exercise routines. With these weights, you may either follow a versatile routine or crunch those muscles with heavy weightlifting with barbells. As many weightlifters will agree, weights produce the greatest results in honing muscles and improving body tissues.

In buying weights, start from manageable ones then buy heavier ones as you advance in the level of your training. This is also true for barbells.

Presses leg Curls and Dip stations

These magnificent pieces of equipment either allows you to do bench presses, shoulder presses, leg curls, incline curls and other kinds of lifting to exercise other parts of the body like your triceps and leg and back muscles. Dip stations are very helpful when it comes to developing the chest and triceps.

Raise machines also help in squat and stretch exercises. These are the most flexible pieces of equipment around. You can remove and adjust parts to fit your exercise routine such as lifts, curls, and presses.

Miscellaneous items

As you go along the training, you can also buy other miscellaneous items to add spice to your work-out. You can purchase bicep curls, high pulley rows, e-z bars, and exercise ball for all your abdominal exercises.

Of course, costs of these pieces of equipment are quite expensive but these are good investments in the future. If you intend to buy these, remember to shop around and compare prices. Look for discounts and good deals to cut back on costs.

Consider also the durability of the gym equipment you are going to buy. Ask if these are covered by warranties, and if parts are readily available in the market. Take note that some gym equipment require to be delivered to your home. Factor in this expense when you are buying equipment for your home training. GP

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