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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Building Muscle - The Best Butt Workout

When looking to find a good workout for the buttocks, there are many exercises to do. For men and women the movements are the same as well the exercises. Though women should focus more on varying the movements for better progress. So now let's look at the different types of fitness programs to include in your training.

Aerobics are good for burning fat and also toning the buttocks. This type of exercise when done properly can really help shape the lower region and aid in adding muscle to this section. You should try to add some form of hand weights as you progress in the routines, as this will help define the buttocks even more.

Cardiovascular equipment is also great for toning and defining the total body and of course shaping the buttocks. You should focus on long strides when exercising on the treadmill, eliptical exercise machine, and stair stepping machine. The longer the strides the more you will feel it in the lower body. Just make sure that using proper form is also taken into consideration. A little adjustment is all a person needs to see results. Simply lengthen the stride a little without sacrificing form.

Pilates and Yoga play a role in toning the body if you are not an all out runner or jumper. Maybe you prefer a slower pace workout, or enjoy more of the stretching and movements of this exercise. These are two exercises that are very popular right now, and you can do these exercises at home or at the public gym. Also by incorporating the workout programs above with pilates and yoga your increasing the benefits of getting in great shape.

Weightlifting is by far the best exercise to build, tone, and shape the buttocks. The reason for this when done right, a person could workout this body part in many more ways. You can do the exercises at different angles, heavier weight, lighter weight, super sets. There are many more ways, but I would like to stick to the basics in order for you to get results quickly.

The exercises trainers recommend for a great buttocks workout are, squats, lunges, leg press, and hack squats. These exercises work the legs, buttocks, hamstrings, and some lower back. So you are working all of the lower body for amazing results. Throw in some calf raises and your lower body routine is complete.

The weightlifting tips here are used by trainers that know what works best to get results. Working the lower body to get a great buttocks should include weightlifting and either some form of cardio or aerobics. If the person cannot do strenuous activities, then one should do pilates and yoga.

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