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Monday, December 19, 2011

Bodybuilding And Steroids Squats Dianabol And Best Cycle For Burning Fat

Hi Mick/Team

Just a question if I may, I'm on the three day program and it feels good so far but why are squats so good for overall growth, not just for legs but for other areas as well, I want to get bigger overall. Do squats really help you grow all over?


Hi Charles,

Let me put it this way. If there was just the one exercise that I would have to choose to try and keep in overall shape then squats would be the one that I would pick - I would have to because of the overall fitness levels that the exercise would give me.

That said and to be honest I have had my fair share of squat sessions during my lifetime thus far that I am more than qualified to say that with the up most authority. That also does not mean that the exercise in my personal opinion is a pure bastard but you cannot get away from the facts of what overall fitness, strength and stamina the exercise can give you,

This is easily explained in the study of the movement of squats. The balance alone calls for muscles from the calves, thighs, lower and upper back, shoulders and arms alone just to stay upright even before a squat is done. Couple this with the braking power needed from all of these muscles just in the downward movement alone and we have not even begun the upward push. See my point?

Squatting asks for so much from a person and if continued in a training routine along with other main muscle groups such as chest and back for example, then you are basically covering the whole body in these three exercises alone - stamina and strength being the main benefits just to name a couple.

So the answer is a definite yes to squats. Love em or hate em if you want to advance that little further then some form of squats should really be added to your training routine for maximum results.

God Bless!


Hi there Mick,

I am starting dianabol for the first it i have bin told to start of on 4 tablets a day can I take them all at once all do I have to spread them out throughout the day. The tablets I have are 5mg,


Hi Gareth,

I would start on 2-3 tabs a day to be honest and yes spread them throughout the day, well in two halves would be sufficient and with food also.

A dosage of 4 a day is not bad but it is always best to start a little lower than to high simply because there are those that even 2-3 a day can be more than enough. Remember the number 1 rule, "Once its in you cannot take it out!"

The exact dosages and times of this particular steroid are featured in my Layman's Guides series of books including many other starting cycles to be aware of.

Please bear in mind that you could help an old bodybuilder here by buying about 50,000 copies of each then I can reply to any of your questions from a villa in the Bahamas in a much better mood.



Hey Mick,

I have read your Layman's guide and found it very helpful i have done two bulking cycles from your guide i have got a bit of a fat gut with all the protein shakes and eat like a horse. i would like your opinion on what is the best cycle for burning the fat or is ephedrine a better option.

cheers mate,

Gordon... "Good info in your book no bull cheers!!!"

Hi Gordon,

OK you may have put on some fat but that is always going to happen to some extent but without it you really cannot gain as much as people would think they can, Without some stored fat (especially during the mass building phase) you would start to deplete protein as an alternative energy source which leads to actual muscle loss in the long run so be wary of that.

But... the option that I would go for in this case would be to use a "staged trimming" of your diet - a little bit at a time in stages so that you don't lose too much muscle.

For example you could start simply by not taking in any Carbs after 7 o'clock which will reduce the fat considerably once your body gets used to it. If you feel that this is not fast enough then reduce the time down to say a 5 o'clock limit with the Carbs which will drastically reduce the over intake of energy foods (so long as you are not training later on in the evening that is - here you have to be careful because you need a good Carb load for a good workout - well I do and that's a fact.

Ephedrine? Well this is something that will indeed kill your appetite and from a personal point of view it killed mine big time when I used it. It all depends on how much you feel you need to lose and what you have to sacrifice in order to lose the fat. With Ephedrine it really is down to the timing and that you have to get right because if you take it too late then it upset your sleep later on if taken to late so the timing and choices are up to you in these cases. If taken a half hour before training then the benefit of a boosted workout will be felt if the product suits, again entirely up to you.

Be wary of the products that offer mind boggling weight loss stats for even more mind boggling weight loss money because you are paying for the packaging when all you need to do is use a little more common sense and save your money.

Ease back on the fats, time the Carbs right and hit the gym as hard as you can WHEN you can.

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