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Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Muscle Building Foods

Everyone knows that intense and carefully chosen workouts are essential to achieving muscle gains - but it you don't choose the right protein rich foods you won't see the gains you deserve.

Making sure you pick the right high protein muscle building foods is not only the most important part of your diet, it is also a very important part of your bodybuilding program. The right foods will not only contribute to increased muscle, but also increase your overall health.

It is extremely difficult to gain weight and achieve the results you want without the right high protein foods. This is because the body relies on the nutrients from the foods you eat to repair muscle and connective tissue.

Not eating muscle building foods can directly affect your body's ability to build muscle tissue, and recover from stressful weight training workouts.

So you should aim to give your muscles a regular supply of protein rich foods throughout the day. It is recommended you consume protein - either from regular food or muscle building supplements between five and six times per day. This way your muscles will have a constant supply of amino acids to help recovery and growth. When it is difficult to eat regular food during the day, or night, the best way to consume protein is to take protein sports supplements. Many muscle building supplements contain protein from different sources - whey protein from milk is favoured by many bodybuilders as it is digested quickly by the body and provides a rapid supply to muscles. Other protein sources, such as casein protein is best taken before workouts or at night time as it is digested more slowly and has a time-release effect. With so many food choices - what should you include in your bodybuilding diet?

There are only a handful of muscle building foods that are high in protein worthy of consumption by the bodybuilder.

The best high protein foods are those that are relatively low in saturated fat, and contain high amounts of quality protein. These foods are called "complete proteins" because they contain all of the amino acids that the body requires to build muscle.

As well as being complete proteins, the best muscle building foods have a high biological value (BV) rating, meaning that the protein that they contain can be more easily utilised by the body due to the configuration of the amino acids.

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